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Counselling and Psychotherapy
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Couples Counselling
Most relationships go through periods of difficulty at some point.  If differences are left unresolved, they can build up and cause distance between you and your partner. 
When we experience conflict with those we care about, taking time, through counselling, to look at issues together can help to reconcile us and actually promote a stronger, healthier and more connected relationship.
I focus on enhancing communication skills and helping you gain a better understanding of each other and how you both 'tick'.  I draw on my understanding of psychology and psychotherapy to help you understand how and why you relate as you do, and how you can develop and improve the difficult areas of your relationship.
I use my knowledge and experience of a range of disciplines within psychology to help you. As we work together, I use the tools and techniques that I think will help you both the most, in your unique situation. 
What to do next

I offer an initial introductory session for 30 minutes to meet with you both and talk about the issues that you are facing.

If counselling is right for you then we can arrange regular sessions, at time intervals that suit you, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The first session is an opportunity to talk about what you would like to achieve from counselling and what help I can offer you.  This session is free.  Following this, the cost of couples counselling is £55 per session. 
Please contact me if you would like to find out more or to book an initial session with me.
"I can't believe where we are now, after starting our couples counselling.  Our lives and marriage have never been in such a good place."
What others have said...
Please contact me to arrange an initial session or if you would like to discuss whether couples counselling could be helpful for you.